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The history of Bagno Marusca

Bagno Marusca has been in business since 1938, when Raffaello and Olga Mancini bought two rows of wooden cabins with attached guardhouse on the Lido di Camaiore beach near Piazza Matteotti. It was then called Bagno Regina and was later renamed Marusca in honor of their second child.

After the end of the Second World War, Versilia became a place of "dolce vita" and Bagno Marusca established itself as an institution on the coastal landscape. After Olga and Raffaello, the management of the bathroom passed into the hands of the brothers Armando, Marusca and Emiliano Mancini, who successfully continue its management according to family tradition.  

To find out more, we recommend the book by Armando Mancini "Raffaello Mancini palombaro dell'Artiglio", Del Bucchia editore, 2008. 

80 years of Bagno Marusca

Ferragosto at Bagno Marusca

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